Voadores [Flying], 2017

A set of three rugs that translate to tapestry the image of a marbled paper sheet. Different persons produced the rugs in different techniques, thus generating different results.

The experiment was to submit a fluid, watery, runny composition, produced in a very spontaneous and arbitrary manner, unique and unreplicable, to a very calculated, laborious, pattern-based practice.

At the exhibition "Common ground", the rugs were set in the center of a room dedicated to Pinacoteca's genre painting's collection. Visitors could sit or lay on the rugs to see the paintings, that were rehung in lowered level.

210 x 140cm each

Image mapping: Matheus Leston, Beatriz Leite, Atlanta Tapetes

Hand-sewing: Conceição Spinola

Machine-sewing: Atlanta Tapetes

"Ana Dias Batista – Common ground", curator Fernanda Pitta, Pinacoteca, São Paulo, 2018