Errata [Erratum], 2017

Painting made by a graffiti artist with the image of a stone wall painted over a segment of the façade of Galeria Leme. The graffiti partially overlaps a group of marks (tags, drawings, "pichações" – a type of street writing that is characteristic of Brazil) that already existed on the façade. The "stone wall" motif is commonly found throughout the city of São Paulo and it is used to cover or curb unwanted paintings over the walls of private properties.

Concrete roadblocks, commonly called "turtles", painted with the same pattern as the façade's graffiti. The pieces are distributed all over the building's courtyard, which is open to the public space but functions as a private parking lot.

"Situ # 7", Curator Bruno de Almeida, Galeria Leme, São Paulo