The Rise, 2017

Action with five helicopters at Paulista Avenue, São Paulo

Project for the exhibition "Avenida Paulista", unrealized due to a decision of the museum directors. A teaser of the project and a statement written by the artist regarding the cancelling were exhibited at MASP.

"Avenida Paulista", curators Adriano Pedrosa, Tomás Toledo and Fernando Oliva, MASP, São Paulo

Artist's statement

"The Rise" is not going to be carried out. The direction of MASP states not to feel comfortable regarding the project's safety.

We have been working on it – the curators and producers of the museum, and I – since September 2016.

The museum gathered funds to hire a widely experienced air taxi company. We discussed all aspects the action involved and made the due adaptations suggested by specialists. We got the authorizations to use the private helipads – FIESP, Citibank, Comendador Yerchanik Kissajikian Building. We hired a film crew, made technical visits and detailed briefings. Lots of difficulties were worked around. The action was scheduled to come about on February 19th.

The hired company and two external specialists affirm it is a completely safe operation. The expected movements are trite – landing, take-off, horizontal and vertical motion, hovering flight. The speed of motions is extremely low – around 30 kph. Each aircraft has a different flight plan, and the coordinated hovering takes place with the helicopters duly lined, so as to ensure visual contact between their pilots. The minimal height from the ground, as well as the minimal distance between aircrafts established by law are properly respected.

The project is achievable. It is now on hold.

Ana Dias Batista

Feb 13th, 2017